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We use our platform to give our customers the opportunity to make payments securely. We help them avoid financial crime and fraud, unnecessary risks and unintentional mistakes.

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Preventing risks in your company’s financial processes

We’re changing the way payments are controlled by adding intelligent technology to your organisation’s day-to-day financial processes. We’re here to create a safe, controlled financial environment for all organisations and the people in them.

A tight control on payments never goes out of style.

Accounts Payable risk automation, empowering Purchase-to-pay

Automating the control of suppliers and payment beneficiaries, master data, registers and payments allows business processes and practices to be moved up the internal control maturity scale in a way that’s safe, secure, inexpensive and straightforward,

Helping the business to achieve its defined objectives efficiently and reliably. It prevents money “disappearing”. It reduces the risk of being associated with fraudulent and criminal activities, and ensures that payments are made correctly.

It also frees up time for staff, eliminating repetitive tasks and processes that don’t add value. And above all, it creates security and a great sense of control. That everything is okay.

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The cost of fraud and errors in supplier payments

Inyett analyses more than 60 million payments and suppliers every year. We’ve identified patterns and trends on the basis of our data and created a snapshot of risks. Work out how you’ll be affected..

  • 82% of economists have encountered fraud, or attempted fraud, against their businesses
  • 85% believe that there are risks and deficiencies in internal control
  • See your organisation’s 8 important KPIs for high-risk supplier payments
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A useful guide to P2P internal control

Enhancing and improving internal control has become increasingly important, mainly due to major and recurring incidents in business and society, financial crimes against businesses and suppliers – and sometimes even the general public – getting to hear about mistakes and errors. Incidents that are increasingly being reported on in the media – and even being taken to court.

We’ve created a crash course for you to download. Take advantage of our insights and prompts to improve your internal control!

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Accounts Payable
Risk Automation

Accounts Payable errors and fraud take on many different forms, but they always result in lost money and time that doesn’t add value. Find out more about the most common – and most costly – P2P mistakes.

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The best part of my job is the uncertainty when making payments.
– Says no one ever…